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Orders for 2017 ASVCP Case Review Slide Sets

The 2017 ASVCP Case Review Sets will be sold on the same priority basis as in previous years. Twenty (20)
sets are reserved for purchase by the presenters of the 2017 cases (NOTE: slide sets are not provided gratis
for the presenters). Additional "Institutional Sets" are reserved for purchase by schools or colleges of
veterinary medicine that grant a DVM or equivalent degree (NOTE: Institutional Sets must be purchased by an
ASVCP member at the institution). To be eligible for either a Presenter Set or an Institutional Set, the order
form with payment must be RECEIVED BY the ASVCP Office no later than August 15, 2017. After August 15,
all remaining slide sets will be sold to ASVCP members in sequential order starting with the earliest
submission dates on the applications. Case Review Sets can be sent via UPS or FedEx, this additional
shipping fee, once calculated, will be applied to the total cost. Payments for orders not filled will be
refunded. To order a Case Review set, please submit this order form with payment to the ASVCP National
Office or complete PDF form (available here).

2017 ASVCP Case Review Set Order Form

Your credit card will be charged (United States dollars only) for $110 for each set to be mailed within North America, or $135 for those mailed to other locations.

Name of Institution

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. Availability of Personal Sets is based on earliest postmark dates on order or date online order is received.

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