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ACVP/ASVCP Concurrent Annual Meeting ASVCP Annual Meeting

Dates: November 4-8, 2017
Location: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Call for 2017 Mystery Slide Cases: Submissions Due May 1, 2017

Submissions are requested for the 2017 ASVCP Mystery Slide Session. This is a popular and interactive opportunity to share cases and experiences among attendees. Suitable material includes hematology, cytology, or surgical pathology slides. These must be submitted with pertinent history, hematologic and clinical chemistry results. Case selection is based on broad species representation, specimen quality, pathologic processes, and representation of disease entities that have not been presented at the conference in recent years. Cases that are anticipated to generate controversy or discussion will be favored in the selection process.

Instructions for submitting a mystery slide case.

Document Templates for Mystery Slides

Use the links below to download templates of the submission documents in Microsoft Word format
Mystery Slide Case History | Mystery Slide Case Summary

Call for 2017 Cases for Discussion: Submissions Due June 1, 2017

Submissions are requested for the seventh ASVCP Case Discussion Session. The ASVCP Case Discussion Session will be held at a separate time from the ASVCP Mystery Slide Session (see above call for cases). It is anticipated that 2-4 cases will be selected for presentation, depending on their complexity.

Instructions for submitting a case for discussion.

Document Templates for Case Discussions

Use the links below to download templates of the submission documents in Microsoft Word format
Case Discussion History | Case Discussion Summary

Previous Case Presentations

Click here for a list of previous presented cases (2003-2016)
Our policy is to generally not accept similar cases to that which have been presented in the previous 5 years.

Slides and Cover Page for Mystery Slide Session should be sent to:

c/o Amy MacNeill
Case Mystery Slides
American Society for Veterinary Clinical Pathology
2424 American Lane
Madison, WI 53704

Case information (word or pdf documents - see instructions) for Mystery Slides and Case Discussion should be emailed to:

Dr. Amy MacNeill:
Please review and follow the provided instructions in the above links.

FAQs: Answers to Commonly Asked Questions:

Can I change the formatting in the templates?

For both templates, the italicized instructions and table examples (if not needed) can be removed from the document. Do not remove the tables with contributor information. Do not change font size, document margins or line spacing. Try and stick to the capitalized bolded subheadings in each document, e.g. specimen, cytologic description, etc. If the specified format is not followed, the case will be automatically rejected.

Can I publish a presented case or will this be copyright infringement or represent prior publication?

The case submission write-ups can be looked upon as being similar to an abstract. They should not be as detailed as a journal case report (which is why we have restricted the discussion and references). Many cases presented in past years have later been published as case reports or as part of a case series, with no apparent copyright or prior publication issues.

I have new data or information that is relevant to or changes the case. Can I update my case summary between the case submission deadline and the conference?

This is generally not permitted as it greatly complicates construction of the finalized documents. However, contributors should provide updates during their presentation at the conference and are encouraged to send these updates to Dr. MacNeill. The comments and updates will be added to the final summary document that is distributed to members.